Kampala Imaging Centre (KIC) having been established by a group of medical imaging consultants, serves hundreds of patients in need of medical imaging and other radiology Services. Many Physicians refer their patients to KIC because we are offering quiet exceptional quality in clinical services, images and diagnoses 's which are critical to determining your care and treatment. We invite you to come to KIC for your or a loved one's medical imaging or radiology procedure . Find out more

What we offer

 but6 CT Scans
 button_01 Ultrasound Scans
 button_03 Mammography and Galactography
 button-03 Conventional X-Ray
 button_04 Bone Density
 button_5 Interventional Procedures
 button_07 Special Contrast Examinations.

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Kampala Imaging Centre
P.O.Box 28305 Kampala,Uganda

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Services include:
• Complete certified facilities.
• Same day/next day availability.
for most scheduled exams.
• Same day reporting.
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